Canada is one of the world’s most popular destinations for international students, offering a diverse variety of experiences and opportunities in a country known for its vast expanses, multicultural cities and natural beauty.Canada offers a high standard of higher education with qualifications which are recognised around the world by employers and considered on the same level as degrees from America, the UK and other top study destinations.

Study Permit -You must apply for a study permit before you come to Canada. To apply for a study permit, you need :

  • Proof of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of financial support

Proof of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

Your school must send you an acceptance letter. Include the original letter with your study permit application.

If you need to take some courses before you are accepted into your program (conditional acceptance), we will only issue your study permit for the length of those courses. Once you are accepted into the main program, you will need to apply to extend your stay as a student.

Please CLICK here to find your DLI and DLI number

Proof of identity -You and each family member who comes with you to Canada must have:

  • A valid passport or travel document. It must allow you to return to the country that issued it. Citizens of the United States have some options on the identification documents they can carry.
  • Two recent passport-size photos. The name and date of birth of the person should be written on the back of each photo.

Proof of financial support

You must prove that you can support yourself, and the family members who come with you, while you are in Canada.

You can prove your funds with:

  • Proof of a Canadian bank account in your name, if you have transferred money to Canada
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution
  • Proof of a student/education loan from a bank
  • Your bank statements for the past four months
  • A bank draft that can be converted to Canadian dollars
  • Proof you paid tuition and housing fees
  • A letter from the person or school giving you money or
  • Proof of funding paid from within Canada, if you have a scholarship or are in a Canadian-funded educational program.

Work after studying in Canada

One of the major advantages of making the decision to study in Canada is that graduates have access to a Post-Graduation Work Permit on completion of their studies in Canada. Post-Graduation Work Permits allow certain individuals who have studied in Canada to stay and work under an open work permit for up to three years, allowing them to enter the Canadian workforce and gain valuable Canadian work experience that may help them to immigrate permanently.

Get Permanent resident status after studying in Canada

Canada wants international students who complete their studies in Canada to form a large portion of the next generation of permanent residents. The following two programs give international students this opportunity

Canadian Experience Class

  • This program allows those with Canadian study or work experience to immigrate permanently to Canada.

Provincial Nominee Programs

  • Canada's provinces have specific programs that allow graduates to immigrate permanently.

Benefits of studying in Canada:


This allows you to work 20 hours/week, in any job position you wish, during your normal school routine. You are also eligible to work full time during scheduled breaks and holidays.


Your spouse is eligible for an open work permit and can be working full time in Canada while you are enrolled in classes. If you have children, they are welcome to attend Canada’s world-class public schools without the need of a student visa.


Following your program of study, you, and your spouse, if you are married, will be eligible for an open post-graduate work permit for the same length of time as your program, up to three years. What that means is that after you graduate you will be free to work and live in Canada while your application for Canadian Permanent Residence is processing to ensure you have continuous status in Canada.

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